I have been involved in photography over 10 years. I have used DSLR photo camera last four years. There was a time when I started photography hobby with much less powerful equipment.  I started with manual little black box with iso 400 film roll inside. I aquiared better cameras and better quality photos step by step. But the biggest improvement came with my first DSLR. I have used Pentax ever since. I shoot with regular lenses and experiment with older M42 lenses too. Most old lenses are made for Zenit cameras. There is a good chance of getting some nice mood in photograph when shooting with glass that is older than me 🙂 I have photographed for different photo stock sites for last three years . Better know names are Dreamstime, Bigstockphoto and Fotolia.

By creating, I decided to invest more of my free time in photography and writing. So I work now as freelance photographer and blogger. If you wish to hire me, then feel free to contact by e-mail .

Prices to hire photographer are listed on “Prices” page.

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