How to Sell Your Photos on Internet and Earn some Extra Money?

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Internet is full of suprises and new possibilities. Few years ago you had to have expensive technology to shoot photos at good quality. Luckily for us the time has changed these rules.
With a bit of patience and good luck you may be able to take photos that you can sell on different photo stock web galleries.

This sounds complicated but is actually quite easy. You need digital camera or digital drawing pad, a bit patience and creativity. It takes a little time to understand what kind of images are needed for stock. When you look around on the webpages that we have collected in this article, you see what kind of images are already online. There is no point in copying images that are already online – this is not polite too. You may shoot similar subjects but try to be more creative, try to think on your own to geat photos at different angle and perspective. – Free signup, over million users and thousands daily photo downloads. Sell the rights of your photos at your own price. Keep 50% when selling rights of your image. Request payments by bank check, Paypal or Moneybookers. You can start uploading today! Good referral program. – Free and easy signup. Start uploading soon after signup. has a good short review time for uploaded photos (usually 1-3 days). You can earn more with referral program. – Free signup, but you have to send a copy of you ID card for verification. Before you can start uploading and selling, 7 of 10 of your firstly uploaded images must be approved. Good referral program. – Free signup. Nice positive web site with many active users. You will get a lot of feedback from this site. This not a regular stock site. Redbubble let´s you sell your images as prints clothings or posters. – Free signup. Even with few fotos You can still generate income. Good affiliate program. Many potential buyers.

What you will need?You can start with regular digital photo camera. Some photo stock agencies consider acceptable photos starting with 8-10 MP when the subject is interesting and the overall photo is looking good. A photo that is made with a 12 or more MP camera is better for for photo cropping and composing with available photo software.

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